Providing A Voice To The Voiceless

World Won Development’s community engagement goals focus on Character Development, Work Ethic and Servant Leadership. These goals along with other core tenant are accomplish via many programs offered to the community via EduRec, Fitting Back In, 36th Street North Event Center and News You Can Use.
Through all of it's programs, World Won Development strives to leave the community better than it was.  We offer a holistic approach to helping community by connecting and partnering with agencies, businesses and programs outside the boundaries of North Tulsa to help change the lives of North Tulsans.  We have created and established an ecosystem of trust with community members.
One of those programs is the Expungement Expo.  We utilize the 36th Street North Event Center and transform it into a mini-Courthouse where community members can come to a trusted location to have old offenses removed from their Tulsa County records.  We have been instrumental in over 500 Tulsans having their criminal records expunged.
World Won Development, along with Standpipe Hill Strategies, also received the first, ever contract with the City of Tulsa for a North Tulsa entity to provide community engagement for the Kirkpatrick Heights Master Plan process.  As a result of the Kirkpatrick community engagement involvement, we also were awarded the engagement piece for the Evans-Fintube development.  World Won was also instrumental in the community engagement surrounding education, awareness and staffing of the first grocery store in North Tulsa in 14 years, Oasis Fresh Market.  The goal was to be the conduit for residents to participate in the decision-making process related to development in North Tulsa, historical Greenwood District.  Because of the reputation World Won has in community, hundreds of community members who might not have participated, were engaged in the planning meetings.


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