Uganda Missions

In Uganda, there are many amazing children with BIG dreams. They long to be educated so they are able to break the cycle of poverty plaguing many villages. World Won Development traveled to the village of Kamuli, Uganda in December 2022, as the USA Media Team. A group of missionaries traveled from Oklahoma, Alabama and England to participate in a Conference & Crusade with Youth for Charity Missions for seven (7) days.  The purpose of the event was to uplift the lives of children, youth, and elderly men and women of Uganda.

During our stay, we were able to determine one of the greatest needs for the villagers of Uganda was education. Thus, in partnership with Youth for Charity Missions, we are dedicated to helping educate students of Uganda. For $250, you can educate a child for the year. The child will receive books, paper, pencil, uniform and broom.

Join us in building a bridge to opportunity for the youth of Uganda. Donate to this cause today: